About Us

India Canada Association of Sudbury, Canada was established 30 years ago as a non-profit, non-political community organization. The objectives of the India-Canada Association of Sudbury shall be for purpose of :

  1. Developing and fostering community spirit among its members.
  2. Promoting organized arts, recreational, educational, social service, athletic and other community endeavors of interest to its members.
  3. Promoting the best interests of the East Indian Community of Sudbury generally.
  4. Organizing cultural and recreational events in order to promote East Indian heritage and culture.
  5. Promoting lectures, workshops, classes and seminars in East Indian music, art, language and culture related activities.
  6. Organizing competitions and exhibitions and granting prizes, awards and distinctions.
  7. Rendering assistance to new immigrants and new comers to Sudbury who are of East Indian Origin.
  8. Preserving the historical heritage and providing educational programs to increase public awareness of Indian Culture.
  9. Encouraging and promoting voluntarism in the community through systematic communication and programs.
  10. Participating in the activities of similar other organizations in North America.
  11. Establishing and operating a resource center to manage and facilitate the activities of the association and to encourage and promote inter-cultural interaction with other ethnic communities of Sudbury and North Eastern Ontario through trust funds, public donations, legacies and governmental assistance for capital and operational expenses,
  12. Any other activities not inconsistent with the above said objects.
  13. Accepting donations, gifts, legacies and using funds as received together will interest accumulated thereon for the aforesaid purposes.
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